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Marketing Tapas! Small-plate reads. Read a little, think a little. Discuss.

All That Jazz

Of Dizzy Gillespie’s many jazz compositions, none is more infectiously catchy than Manteca. First performed in 1947, the song–named for the Spanish word for lard– memorably opens with the stand-up base playing a Cuban-influenced riff, and builds to a rousing climax by the horn section. The music critic Gary Giddins hails Manteca as ‘one of most important records ever [...]

Content Marketing Tales — Branding like Brando

The late, great actor Marlon Brando once said that the key to great acting is the element of surprise: the unexpected gesture or pause that jars the audience, as if from sleep and compels someone to lean forward in their seat in anticipation of something new. Similarly, the element of surprise is the key to good storytelling.  The [...]

People Treat you Like…

By |June 1st, 2019|Categories: Easily Forgotten: The Basics|

They say you teach people how to treat you. But discovering how your customer is used to being treated can help you learn how to treat them. If you're working with customer who deals with angry customers in their own business, they may feel it's ok or even necessary to show anger to get results. If [...]

Take a Closer Look

By |February 4th, 2018|Categories: Easily Forgotten: The Basics|

A common mistake many of us make is to forget, over time, that our audience really is unique. We depend on luck to find a message that connects. Don't lose sight of the true face of your best customer! Here is a quick exercise to help focus your marketing effort where it counts the most: Get specific. Consider your [...]

Sales…it can be the hardest — or the easiest — job of all.

By |February 4th, 2018|Categories: Easily Forgotten: The Basics|

Negotiation is give and take, but if you remember the basics, you'll have much more flexibility to give the customer your best work, and more of it. If the only answer you'll accept is a yes, you'll be working too hard. NO's are fantastic...they allow us to keep our good energy and keep moving, rather than the slow torture [...]

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