I remember feeling a little bit silly starting the invoice numbers for Malaga Corp. (dba Communications Team) at A100000. I wanted to make sure I never ran out of numbers, and if 999,999 invoices didn’t take care of our needs I added the A to give us over 25 million possible invoice numbers. 😅 Well, we’ll never get to the B’s much less 999,999. But, amazingly to me, we’ve gotten past  invoice number A202000. That’s over 100,000 invoices since we started using this numbering in 2005. These billings included over 65,000 work hours from me, and thousands more from the team. Heading on to the next anniversary, still aiming higher than we’ll ever get, but creating something we can feel proud of!

Malaga Smith

Thanks Bay Front Chamber of Commerce for recognizing our 20th Anniversary in 2023.

~Málaga, Chief Invoice Numberer