The first testimonial goes out from us to all our customers. Whether you’re new, or have been with us from the start, we love and appreciate you, enjoy working with you and we’re proud and grateful to be able to be even a small part of your growth and success.  Cheers to you!

Malaga Smith

Our goal was to develop a new marketing strategy for our Technological Consultancy. Málaga Smith, from Communications TEAM, was warmly recommended by our graphic designer. This recommendation is, indeed, very well deserved.

From the start we developed a warm and friendly working relationship. Málaga created for us a highly professional and attractive internet presence. In addition to this, she provided marketing strategy advice and recommendations. 

Deeply knowledgeable in the magical world of Search Engine Optimization, she created a stream of prospects and leads for our business.

Our relationship is ongoing, and we hope and pray that we can continue to benefit from her expertise in the years to come. We have recommended Málaga services to many of our contacts. Anyone in need of marketing strategies and internet presence should get in touch with Málaga and her team.

JeanPierre Sainfeld
FirstLink Consulting Services

Dear Malaga,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. I just wanted to thank you so much for all the work you recently did on our websites. You have truly gone above and beyond and we are so very happy with the results. You have been such an absolute pleasure to work with and I vow to recommend you and Malaga Corp. every chance I get.

We look forward to our continued relationship with the hosting and maintenance aspect of our sites and wish you much success with all your web designs.

Thanks again,
Sheri Graybehl

Sheri Graybehl
Assistant Marketing Director
David White & Associates
3150 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94583

Málaga Corp. works with David White & Associates to build and maintain an online and offline brand for Disability Partner at and AI&PS at

From Moni Law & Cal Students and Alumni

Thank you card from Cal Students and Alumnni

“I sought out the services of Málaga Smith after observing her work  over a period of a couple of years.  Every design was unique yet professional and beautiful. Our business doubled after Málaga created the VocalEase logo and designed our website.  The branding she created effectively carries across all of our communications. She designed a database and interface which allows us to locate any information needed for the clients we serve, and allows them to create accounts and sign up for and manage the classes they attend.  Working with her has been remarkable.  She always responds promptly, suggests changes which will help my business (such as making the format smart phone friendly) and is always professional. Malaga, you increased my business and it caused me no pain.  You are easy to work with.”

– Sherrin Loyd MS, SLP
Executive Speech and Voice Coach, and Principal
VocalEase Communications

Málaga Corp. works with VocalEase Communications to support its professional students through online student services, and administrative support that has resulted in increased sales and a decrease in administrative and support budget.

“Malaga has set forth, in very few words, EXACTLY what I wanted to know. Even better, what she’s done is exactly what I would have recommended. So it sounds to me that we’re getting exactly the sort of support we need. It was either luck or good selection on somebody’s part that we ran into Malaga. There are a lot of folks out there soaking people and various organizations for more than what they really need. There is no reason not to go forward just as we are. I will recommend no major change. This fact considerably simplifies life, and I’m thrilled with the results.”

– Dr. Ed Kilbourne
American Epidemiologiclal Society

Málaga Corp. works with the American Epidemiological Society to support its 400+ professional members through its website, online member services, and online administrative support that has resulted in a largely decreased budget for member communications and annual conference administration.

I just looked at the site – very impressive!  What an accomplishment.



(Website, Member Services)

Everything is wonderful.  I just prayed giving God thanks for this whole celebration & frankly what you have done. You are so sharp!!!!!  I prayed Psalm 9:1-2, as grounding & guidance in my prayer. Thanks Malaga!!!!!

Grace & Power;

Pastor White

We want to commend Malaga for her efforts to make this event such a success. Her work embodied the spirit of the collective efforts of the committee and the fruit of those efforts was the beloved community that attended yesterday.

Peace and blessings
Berkeley Martin Luther King Day Celebration Committee

The party success would not have happened without Malaga’s excellent branding elements for promoting our event.  I received so many compliments on the event artwork – flyer, banner on websites, posters, etc.  Thank you, Malaga!

Emeryville Chamber of Commerce Event Committee Chair

(Unauthorized Rolling Stones Holiday Event branding)

Go Malaga Corp! Malaga was professional, completed our website in very reasonable time, asked for feedback throughout the construction process, and put together a beautiful website.  We couldn’t ask for better service, and we’re thrilled with the finished product. Thanks Malaga!

Dan & Jeremy
Campus Displays, Inc.

I asked a business professional, whom I have great respect for, if she could  recommend someone to create a website for my new business, Face Reality Acne Clinic.  Without hesitation, she recommended Malaga Corp.  My partner and I had only a vague notion of what we wanted to do, and because we had only one employee at the time, it was not something to which we could dedicate all of our time.  We had a consultation with Malaga and she vetted out information that she felt was important to creating a website that represented us well and invoked confidence in potential clientele.  We weren’t able to provide Malaga with the information she needed as quickly as she could have used it because of our other obligations.  However, Malaga worked with us at our pace and within a few months, we had a website that did what it was suppose to do, generate a lot of business for us.

Malaga helped us continually update the site to keep it relevant to our growth.  Less than two years later, we have already expanded twice and I believe that the work that Malaga did for us contributed greatly to our success. Malaga showed that she has the expertise and interpersonal skills to gather the necessary information and create a very effective product.

Thank you Malaga.
Respectfully, Patrick Romani, Face Reality Skincare Clinic

You did an awesome job with your program.  It’s very simple to use and I think it was an excellent way for me to be able to enhance my site as I need to. Thank you again for all your help.

Kelly Bomar
Swing Cushion Covers & More

(our Content Management System is 100% intuitive and easy to use)

I received a very thorough SEO Analysis of my website and many creative suggestions of how to enhance my ranking were provided. It was impressive.

Serenity Systems Inc.

As the webmaster for Radstons Office Plus, I am extremely happy with the newly designed home page and order center completed by Malaga Corp. Throughout the entire process, Malaga was always around to direct and motivate our thought processes.

In my search for a website developer, it was deemed necessary to have a developer that was local and understood the needs of a company that distributes products through its e-commerce site. Malaga Corp is a small local business like Radstons and therefore was able to come to our office and consult with us eye to eye. Malaga, after many questions, understood what our goals were in redesigning our site. We wanted to look professional, to stand out, to be informative and to have the flexibility to change the information within the site.

All of our wildest wishes became real. Finally, Radstons can stand next to the Super Stores and our website is head and shoulders above them.

Radstons Office Plus

(Radstons online orders increased by 24% and order totals increased by 43 percent by volume after their website redesign)

Hi Malaga,

The newsletter looks GREAT! (and the donations are already rolling in!) Fabulous job =)

East Bay Conservation Corp.
Oakland, CA

(Printed quarterly newsletter)

We needed to educate a market segment about new opportunities that would make their buying experience easier. It was important to reach this new niche market in a very short timeframe. Malaga Corp. understood the urgency and requirements of the project. They put a schedule in place that was strictly adhered and our deadline was met. The project was managed expertly and the materials and communications that were produced got the results we were looking for. We’re happy to have Malaga Corp. on our team!

Business Development Manager
Furniture and facilities management company
San Leandro, CA

We, at are so lucky and fortunate to have engaged Malaga Corp when we were faced with building from scratch an independent musician’s website “different than the rest.” We achieved that goal and so much more! Malaga Corp. is the one-stop shop for all your website and marketing needs. Whatever job you need done, Malaga Corp is bar none the absolute best! First-class!

Anna Maria Flechero
Richmond, CA

From Berkeley Food and Housing Project

Berkeley Food and Housing Malaga Corp Card

Despite the fact that we were unsure of how we wanted our website to look and exactly what we were trying to accomplish with it, Malaga worked closely with us to develp a final product that we’re very proud of. Not only does it represent us well, but captures our unique practice and philosophy of treating our clients. In a very short period of time, we recognize that our website is bringing us new clients.

Laura Cooksey
Face Reality Skincare Clinic

Working with Malaga Corp. has been phenomenal. The service and professionalism have been second to none.

Darice Balabanis
Symphony Senior Care

I enjoyed working with Malaga in revising our web site. She created a web presence that is attractive and unique to TechScribe. Since I wrote the content for the site, I needed someone to provide fresh, professional, objective copyediting and that’s what she did. Malaga applied a keen marketing eye and recommended strategic edits to refine the copy. It was great working with someone who understands the value of targeted communication.

Pam May, Principal
TechScribe Communications

Malaga is excellent to work with — committed, professional and has a great sense of humor. I greatly appreciated her wilingness to help us out with a very tight turnaround. She was also patient with my inexperience with this process. Hey and thanks for the gift basket! What a treat.

Non-Profit Customer
Oakland, CA

Thanks for your support. I love that you take care and watch over me.

Lawrence DeHart
DeHart Photography
Vacaville, CA

Malaga, I could NOT be happier with the entire contents of the flyer. The colors, the layout, the text are so professional and eyecatching I can’t wait to start handing them out. Thank you a million times. I also appreciate the time crunch you had to work under and thanks for that too.

Health Care Industry
(Logo, Event Materials)
Sacramento, CA

I visited the new page. First I love the color, easy on the eyes. After looking at this screen for 7+ hour per day, the colors are very soothing. I like that you can log-in in two different places so less mouse movement, (being ergonomically sensitive to repetitive injuries). I like that the home page is not cluttered; some homepages are so congested with information, that you spend a few minutes just trying to locate what I am looking for. I prefer to select the links that takes me to the information I am looking for and not have to read a book to figure it out. I hope this information is useful. You get 4.5 stars for having a great site.

(customer of our client)

Malaga, Thank you for making one of my goals for 2005 a reality. Thanks for making it easy, pleasurable and friendly. Will see you in 2006 for phase 2.

Joy Schaeffer
The Joys of Life

Hi Malaga, The response was excellent! We had a meeting last night, and the comments were great – even some of our best “critics”, had nothing but positive responses.

Non-Profit Faith-Based Customer
Berkeley, CA

Thanks for doing such a lovely job with my new website. It looks GREAT! Your web development services are outstanding and I’m getting a lot of compliments. I look forward to referring others to you for their web development needs.

Shawn Hardy
Honor With Art