Our mission to you

Our mission is to help you identify and prepare for your best business opportunities through creative brand marketing and promotion.

About us

Malaga Corp.’s team of experienced Bay Area professionals is dedicated to your growth and success. Solid creative, technical and business backgrounds help us understand and apply the best all-around solutions. In addition to our core team, we partner with subject matter experts and a select group of industry firms to bring a dynamic skillset to special projects.

Malaga Corp. Communications Team was founded in 1995 by Malaga Smith in Berkeley, California to provide marketing solutions to small business, corporate and non-profit organizations.

Through the many technological and economic changes of our time, Malaga Corp. has proven its strength and flexibility in providing a trusted, solid base to the organizations we serve. Our commitment to excellence has guided us in maintaining a reputation for fair, honest  long-term business relationships, and a work product that improves the sales and profits of our clients.

Are you ready to shine a little brighter? Are you ready to change the world? Are you ready to share your vision? We can’t wait to see it!

Malaga Corp. is a California Corporation.

We’re here to help you communicate thoughtfully, strategically, beautifully and effectively.  Let’s Talk!

Malaga Smith
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