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    People have many different ideas about what ‘marketing’ is. To Communications Team, marketing is part of almost every aspect of a business or organization. The real question is, what should we be focusing on now? The answer to the question is answered through a (sometimes very simple) strategic plan.

    By talking to them about your past marketing efforts, your goals, your resources, and about their process. It’s typical to work from a strategic plan or an established process, so the first step may be to develop these types of working documents. At Communications Team, we start with finding out what’s top of mind for YOU. If we can step in and solve the problem at hand, this is where we start. If, on the other hand, the most important next steps aren’t self-evident, we start with a basic strategic planning document. We’ve found this is the best way to keep everyone on the same page, identify high priority items, and focus on those items.

    You can answer that question with statistics, analytics, and other data, and this analysis is critical in mapping the path forward for  your business, but you’ll also know because you’ll have less time for marketing! When things get busy and there’s a feeling of success, many businesses stop marketing. As all seasoned business people know, the effects of marketing can be felt far into the future, so the marketing you do today is an investment in the future and the success you feel today is the result of the marketing you’ve done in the past. The lesson? Marketing is the lifeblood of your business and it never stops.

    It can be.

    Sometimes, especially for a start-up or a business with a low marketing budget, there is a chicken-and-egg situation to consider. Marketing is needed to improve sales, in order to afford marketing. At Communications Team, no matter your budget, we’ll take you a step ahead. Slow but steady growth is better than none, and moving ahead at a pace that’s right for your business gives you confidence that goals ARE attainable.

    On the other hand, a well-financed organization maybe want to throw money at marketing in an effort to speed growth. This is when strategic planning is critical and should be integrated with all aspects of the business, from product development to advertising to sales, and so on. Being prepared for the results of your marketing efforts is just as important as a successful campaign. As always, it’s not the size of the budget, but how you spend it. At Communications Team, we focus on results that give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.