Give your brand a break.

From beginning to end, Communications Team is a true full cycle marketing powerhouse that can mean a turnkey solution for your organization, as well as a rich resource you can call on to leverage the opportunities on your horizon. Or to help discover them.

We’re looking for organizations with potential. Potential we can help uncover and nurture, share and elevate. If you’ve built a brand you’re proud of and it’s time to reinvent, reinvigorate, and boost your visibility, work with us.

Full Service List

Doing Business

Doing business with Malaga Corp. is easy — we’re here to support you when and how you need it. Here are the primary ways we work with our clients:

Small to Mid Sized (10+ employees) Business Marketing, Branding, PR and Image Projects

If you are re-inventing, rejuvinating, or rebranding and want to work with a team that has expertise, fantastic ideas, can look into the future with you and deliver, Let’s Talk. Contact us to schedule a short phone call.

We are a fully insured California Corporation.


If you have a special project that might benefit from our strenghts and expertise, Let’s Talk. If your project is not run-of-the-mill, so much the better! We love an interesting challenge in any area of marketing, illusration, web, packaging, or other. Contact us to schedule a short phone call.

General ongoing marketing support:

If you’re a special company that knows the value of marketing, and how the same tools that grow your business can help support growth, Let’s Talk. We serve a select group of companies, working as part of their internal teams, bringing energy, expertise and support.  Contact us to schedule a phone meeting.

Marketing Automation

If you need tools and systems to streamline your marketing and business processes, Let’s Talk about how we can help you build a tailored system to accomodate those specific needs. Dashboards, automated work flows, online marketing automation and other tools  help you scale up and calm down. If you’re thinking about integrating a system such as Infusionsoft or Ontraport, we can help implement and integrate these systems into your environment. What do you need to do today? Contact us to schedule a phone meeting.

Small Business No-fuss Marketing

If you’re an entreupreneur or small business owner or manager and need efficient no hassle marketing, Let’s Talk. We offer templated and self-service marketing tools to many businesses who need a quality product but don’t require a more expensive creative process. These products include web development, web hosting, domain registration, eblasts, brochures and more. We develop new templated products according to customer demand so Give us a call to explore your needs.

Our mission to you is to help you to identity and prepare for significant business opportunities. What does this mean to you?


  • It means you can count on a partner who has a vested interest in your success.
  • It means you may be challenged to live up to your potential.


  • It means adding expertise to round out your team.
  • It means adding an external perspective, an essential ingredient of marketing.


  • It means you can expect to see an immediate impact on your business.


  • It means being inspired to move on to the next goal in confidence.

Other web development products are available, including starter pages, and other tailored solutions. Call us – we’ll find a way to help.